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Robin De Jesus Is Ben Rimalower In Patti Issues!

The show is extended again
with Robin De Jesus taking over for Ben Rimalower


Ben Rimalower
directed by Aaron Mark

Celebrated Off-Broadway director BEN RIMALOWER
shines a unique light on gay men's time-old obsessions with divas.

"Show-queen heaven. A tight hourlong monologue that pairs a well-honed
script with an engagingly spontaneous delivery and a nose for sharp,
observational comedy, Mr. Rimalower's funny, tender reminiscence rides an
infectious rainbow high"
- David Rooney, New York Times

"Meticulously scripted and executed, with poignant punch lines that deliver
laughs, emotion and insight."
- Raven Snook, Time Out New York

"As artists the most we can hope for from our heroes
is inspiration and maybe evolution. Ben Rimalower's Patti Issues
offers a powerful example of both and this bravura performance
might just make Ben a hero for a new generation of show ponies!
Thank you Patti, thank you Ben, thank you very much Ladies and Gentlemen!"
-Justin Vivian Bond

"Shockingly honest and honestly shocking,
'Patti Issues' allows you to be a Peeping Tom
without the messy blot of a mug shot on your record."
- Marc Shaiman

"I was moved. He's a very talented man."
- Patti LuPone

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