Name: RUTH CARLIN... SongMoments
Description: SongMoments is a mix of songs by composers such as Julie Gold, John Bucchino, Murray Grand, David Friedman, Irving Berlin, Cy Coleman, Maltby & Shire and Ruth Carlin--- to name a few. Ruth is joined by my musical director, Paul Greenwood and beautifully directed by Scott Barnes.

In his Bistro Awards review of SongMoments, Kevin Scott Hall wrote:
"Ruth Carlin showed herself to be a quirky, likable singer true to her art and her heart. With her unique, cinnamon-tinged, tremulous alto, Carlin conveyed both strength and vulnerability in a program that displayed intelligent song choices from an interesting variety of songwriters ranging from John Bucchino to Irving Berlin to David Friedman to Maltby and Shire. Individually, Carlin's song choices were rare and wonderful, showing off her good taste and smarts… She has a lot going for her: a sincerity that can't be manufactured, a clear commitment to her material, an ingratiating presence, intelligence, and a fascinating voice.”

$15 Cover & a 2 Drink Minimum
Date: Thursday, November 29, 2012
Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm
Duration: 60 minutes

No One Under 21 Allowed.
Late-comers will be seated at the discretion of the house.