Dancing with Death

Death. It’s inevitable. You have to face it sometime, so why not do it with a story, a song and a 2 Drink Minimum?

Raconteur and dark Humorist Thomas Honeck charms his audience with stories and songs of hilarity and heartache. Its a thought-provoking and unique look at life through the eyes of death. You just might see life in a whole new light.

It is a ruminating rumba on our relationship with Death and how her choreography can influence life, featuring songs by Peter Gabriel, Laura Nyro, Chris De Burgh and Mary Chapin-Carpenter. The dance card will be one of Music, Merriment and Madness – well, just a touch.

The award winning Entertainer of Himself, Thomas Honeck, returns to the stage for his 3rd solo show after a seven year hiatus to run the world-famous Duplex Cabaret Theatre. Thomas was last seen in his MAC Award winning show “Dreaming Wide Awake,” a show about how dreaming can alter the course of a life. When not on the stage, he has spent the last 17 years studying with Shamans from around the world. Despite all the cultural differences, what he resoundingly learned was that to truly celebrate life, you must fully embrace death.

Directed by his creative partner, Lisa Moss, the same team that produced the critically acclaimed “Social Intercourse” and “Sing Me A Story.” Thomas and Lisa were both recently honored with a 2014 Bistro Award for being a highly innovative and creative team.

Musical Direction by Andrew Sotomayor, with Jordan Jancz on cello.

Rob Lester of Cabaret Scenes:

“The phrase “A Must-See!!!” is overused in cabaret hype. With Thomas Honeck’s Dancing with Death it is one of the very few times I’ve ever wanted to use it with no hesitation.” Click on the link below for the rest of the review:


Remy Block of BroadwayWorld.com:

“Through Dancing with Death, Thomas Honeck elevates the genre of cabaret by taking a sophisticated, personal look at a juicy, difficult topic. Despite the ostensibly grim material, the show is cathartic and uplifting. He reminds us that none of us is getting out of here alive, and to ask ourselves whether we’re living every day as if it were our last.” Click on the link below for the rest of the review:


Roy Sander of BistroAwards.com

“Yes, the subject is death, but don’t be put off by that. The show is a rather jubilant extravaganza (“extravaganza” is a relative term here—after all, it is on the Duplex stage), a mixture of personal anecdotes, songs, and choreography—all of it engrossing, much of it very funny, and some of it touching. If you know Honeck only as the soft-spoken general manager of the club, you’ll probably be surprised at how dynamic an entertainer he is. On the other hand, if you’ve seen either of his other two shows, you already know that.”

From Mark Dundas Wood’s review

“In “Dancing with Death” the affable Thomas Honeck sings an array of songs (some comic, some serious) about the inevitability of mortality. But the result is far from depressing. On the contrary, the show puts things in a life-affirming perspective and is often invigorating.”

In lieu of a cover, please bring a check made out to “JDRF” (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) or The ALS Association for $15 – we’ll take cash too, it’s just not a tax donation for you. And yes, there is a 2 Drink Minimum to help you through it all.

The first 5 performances of the show have raised over $4,900 dollars for the charities! And over all, the 17 shows performed over the last 10 years have raised over $16,900.

A BENEFIT for ALS and JDRF Organizations
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Wednesday, May 27th at 7pm
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