MANGOSEED unplugged in NYC

Sunday October 8th at 9:30pm

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MANGOSEED unplugged in NYC

Mangoseed are a hot South London world fusion band. This four piece band of Trinidadian, Jamaican, Australian and Irish decent.

The band developed organically, from jam sessions to live gigs and gained a reputation for putting on wildly energetic and original shows.

Mangoseed have supported artists including Alabama Three, Grammy Award Winner Micki Free, and Manu Chao.

“Mangoseed are creating a unique musical global fusion! “, says music journalists Emma Smart. “Their signature is to make songs that you can dance to, but still carry life affirming messages”.

Many bands in the past have not been given the chance to have a voice. The only way to hear a band or a musician was to catch them in a local pub and hopefully follow them until a label takes interest.

On this particular evening, Mangoseed began to play a fusion of influences from reggae to rock with funk laden heavy bass in between. Their energy filled the crowd, who moved to the dance floor when hearing the groove in their sound.
Mark Wincott
God is in the

Mangoseed are one of the most intriguing bands performing on the day. A trio, they blast an energetic mix that blends rock, reggae and dub, a combination that’s in part the power of Bad Brains and in part the soul of Trojan Records reggae.
Jonathan Falcone
Brixton Blog

As soon as these guys came on stage, it went off, this here was a fusion of reggae, funk, rock, metal, it had it all, for the few tracks they played and the amount of people that went to the head of the crowd to get out some dance moves. Mangoseed will need to be seen.
Love Music Magazine

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