Taylor-Rey (T.Rex) JVera

Taylor-Rey (T.Rex)

Taylor-Rey (T.Rex) JVera is a NYC based artist who’s experience ranges from hosting local Talk Shows, and TV/Radio to local Theatre!

T-Rex has gained a lot of notarietey from her significant weight loss of 140lbs+; you can follow her fitness journey @thevegantrex!

Taylor-Rey’s most recent New York credits include: (Mae West) ‘Sex on Trial’ at Times Square Arts Theatre, (Nancy) ‘Oliver! The Musical’ at the Heckshire Theatre. She Is currently a resident company member In the Harlem Repertory Theatre, beyond ‘In The Heights’ and ‘Ain’t Misbehavin'” she has been honored to play Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (updated dates can be found at HarlemRepertoryTheatre.com)!

ln the Tato Laviera Theatre, she has the honor of living the role that began the Broadway career of Lena Horne in ‘Jamaica: The Musical’ produced by the Yip Harburg Foundation. She often performs at schools in the city teaching alternative stress management methods. To keep up to date with her local performances you can always check @TaylorRey_TRex on all social media platforms!