The Bobs

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In 1983, The Bobs put out their first, self-titled album. This record earned the group a Grammy nomination and basically
re-wrote all the rules for vocal group music. “Instrumental” arrangements, dissonance, vocal percussion, ringing harmonics and
melodic solo voices all linked with quirkily comedic material—all part of the trademark sound of The Bobs.
A sound that has since been emulated by a cappella groups around the planet.

Now, after 30 years of recording and touring, The Bobs finally take an overdue item off their “bucket list” – The “concept album.”
This tour will introduce The Bobs’ sixteenth studio recording, “Biographies”, an album of songs about famous and
(not-quite-so-famous) historical figures … as well as a good dose of Bobs favorites. This new recording is a “concept” album as all
the songs share a unifying theme—in some way, shape or form each song tells the life story of (or at least an event in the life of)
some notables throughout history. Also some obscure persons who will become notables as this record comes out.


Who are The Bobs?: The original “band without instruments,” are appearing in New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Phildelphia, California, Oregon and Washington to introduce their newest CD, “Biographies”, in addition to other new songs, and more of their signature a cappella brilliance and general on-stage mayhem. The Bobs are Matthew Bob Stull, Angie Bob Doctor, Dan Bob Schumacher and Richard Bob Greene.

Manhattan Transfer meets Monty Python … Robin Williams meets Bobby McFerrin … J.S. Bachmeets Jimi Hendrix: Grammy-nominated vocal acrobats (and certifiable nutjobs), that’s THE BOBS. This original “band without instruments” has been skewering the classics, breaking all the rules and clear-cutting their own unique path in the world of vocal music for over 25 years, playing everywhere from Lincoln Center to Berlin’s Passionkirche. To quote one reviewer, “… the Bobs still shine, breaking new ground each time they tunnel out of the sanitorium. The twin keys to the group’s creative safe deposit box are unflagging dedication to vocal excellence and utter disregard for everything else.”

“They operate in a space between pop music, comedy and art that few musicians, few artists for that matter, can successfully navigate. And on top of it all they perform with character, charisma, charm …If you haven’t seen them live and you call yourself an a cappella fan, you’re doing yourself a disservice.”

~ Deke Sharon, Music Director “The Sing Off”, founder Contemporary A Cappella Society,

“Some performers are brilliant comedians, some are genius musicians, and some just make you happy to be
alive. THE BOBS are all of that — and then some.”

~ Paul Provenza

“The Bobs–entering their second quarter-century of un-paralleled a cappella excellence. Bring it on.”
~ Harry Shearer